Monday, December 28, 2009

Where did the year go????

Well it's almost new years again and I still can't figure where the year has gone.

It certainly has had its ups & downs! This time last year coop was only 2 months soph 2.5 & we were relaxing in Okarito (my favourite place in the world).

Things have changed....I gave up work, but I'm ten times busier now than when I was working.
I'm actually enjoying what I do know....all my crafty bits & bobs, as well as my 2 little monsters.
We have had some crappy times in the year too....but only because my body doesn't seem to do as its told! But I am going to be healthier next year and fingers crossed my cyst will behave and I won't need surgery or have to deal with menopause in my mid twenties!
All up things aren't too bad I finally have a back fence! (five years of waiting) & the goal of selling the house looks on target.

But as long as the kids are healthy and happy what more can I ask for?

Lake Mahinapua, Christmas Day

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