Monday, December 14, 2009


Yay! I have finally got around to setting up a blog!

Hopefully you all enjoy reading about my crafts and my life.....which can get very interesting.

I have been busy knitting up a storm so I have lots of goodies for the upcoming markets, as well as helping my little monster Sophie make playdough so she can earn a little bit of pocket money too! She has had great fun being market girls with mummy...that is until her patience wears off, but she is only 3.5 so she has been pretty good.

It seems like it we haven't had a sunny day for ages! Everytime I get excited about the sun coming out it starts raining again....I thought it was supposed to be summer!

Anyway I am supposed to be baking so I had better get off my backside and do that before my other little monster wakes up!!!

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