Monday, January 30, 2012

School's Back!

After a very busy weekend we are back into the school routine with Sophie starting back at school today in a new class with a new teacher! Luckily all of her friends have moved up this year and she seemed very happy to back there...telling me "I could leave now" before the bell rang!
We certainly had a busy weekend starting with the local A & P Show where both monsters did very well! Sophie picked up a first prize for her sandsaucer and also her colouring competition and Cooper scooped second prize for his sandsaucer! The flowers came from our school communal garden, the beach & my own garden.
I also finished my holiday project of making Sophie her winter jersey which she is very happy with. The pattern is a basic guernsey but I mixed it up adding some stripes and it also has bright yellow smiley face buttons at the back of the neck.

I also had my last day at my part time job today. I'm planning on spending alot more time on my crafts this year, and hopefully keeping a more regular blog too!

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