Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hoe Down!

My biggest monster Sophie had the Kindy Hoe Down last Friday.......The most exciting thing ever!

We had a couple of weeks warning about this & Soph was super excited about being a cowgirl...but we had nothing for her to wear!

Luckily I had an old pair of jeans that no longer fitted me so we created an outfit.
The skirt is made from the knee down of the jeans & the vest is made from the thigh area of the jeans.....I don't have a pattern but if anyone is interested I can make a tutorial.

I added some little fabric squares (some horse fabric that Sophie had picked out) and also made a little bandana out of this.

The hat was courtesy of my wardrobe (amazing what a bendy sunhat can do!).

Sophie kept her outfit a secret until the Hoe Down and she had an excellent time being a cool cowgirl!


  1. She looks so cute! You really are clever!

  2. Oh that is too cute! I can't believe how much effort you went too - fantastic :)

  3. Thanks! It only took a couple of hours to make & we had fun doing it, so was well worth it!