Thursday, May 20, 2010

Another Celebration!

It is hard to believe that my Biggest Monster turned 4 two weeks didn't seem that long ago that I was waddling around like a whale with her...putting on 20kg made me feel enormous!

This year we decided to have a family lunch...which sounds nice & small but luckily we have 6 little cousins in 1 household which makes a kids party! I love to do a special cake each year for the kids so came up with this cute rainbowcake (clouds are marshmallows) it is also a marble cake inside (pink, purple & yellow). My monster loved her day & gifts especially her scooter which has been telling us she needs for the last few months.

I was very lucky to have Mother's Day with my little monsters birthday....I got a bookcase...which I had bought from the opshop ages ago & had never got around to painting.....My lovely man sanded, painted & helped the kids put their mark on it. I have to say it was the best present ever!

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