Monday, May 6, 2013

Making something special!

I've been very busy over the weekend making a couple of extra presents for my lovely daughter who turns seven this week!

I recently had a trip to the Make Café and picked up some beautiful fabric which I thought would be perfect for some pretty skirts. (It was hard not to buy everything...they have such beautiful fabric!)

I managed to find an excellent tutorial here for a super cute & very easy skirt....complete with simple sizing measurement!

I bought a couple of plain t-shirts & appliqued a cut out of the skirt fabric and to complete the outfit I made matching button hair ties and got a pair matching tights!

I can't wait to see what the birthday girl thinks!


  1. visiting from handmade NZ. Love the Make Cafe!! hope the present goes well

  2. Have fun making! Such pretty fabric above!

  3. Thanks ladies! The outfits were a real hit...Looks like she has started planning her next few outfits too!